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  • Poshanu Cham Tower
  • Sealinks Wine Castle
  • Fairy stream
  • Red sand dunes
  • White sand dunes – Bau Sen
  • Mui Ne fishing village
  • Mui Ne Market
8:00 am: Car and tour guide pick you up at the Hotel / Meeting point, visit the following places:
Morning visit: Suoi Tien, also known as Suoi Hong, is a scenic spot located in Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city. Phan Thiet has always been known by people for its vast sand dunes and stunning, captivating beaches. But perhaps people still know quite a bit about this beautiful, unique stream in Vietnam.
Suoi Tien is just a small gurgling stream next to Hon Rom, hidden behind sunburned sand dunes. The space is extremely striking by the bright red color of the sand and the undulating, rugged stalactites along both sides of the stream.
Thousands of stalactites are formed from sand, over the years they become hard as rocks, are worn away by wind and rain, so they carry an extremely wild and wonderful beauty. The red-brown color of the sandy soil along with stalactites of all shapes and sizes make the stream banks become as majestic as temples and towers, like a forgotten citadel.
The water here only covers the surface, around a person's ankle. The cool water seems to dispel the harsh heat of Phan Thiet, creating a strange feeling of enjoyment. From locals to visitors, everyone likes to enjoy the soothing feeling of soaking their feet in the stream after traveling to the hot sandy area. All worries seem to disappear, leaving only memories in each person. joy of discovery.
RD Sealinks Wine Castle:   has European medieval architecture with a large square, an ancient dome but no less elegant and luxurious, and soaring watchtowers with views of the green space. of Sea Links City. All images that seemed to exist only in distant European and American countries are now recreated at RD wine castle.
Po Sha Nu Tower (also known as Pho Hai Cham Tower): is a group of Cham temple and tower relics left over from the ancient Champa Kingdom, located on Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, far from Phan Thiet city center. 7 km to the Northeast. This group of towers has the Hoa Lai architectural style - one of the ancient art styles of Champa.
Although only small and medium in size, it distills the quintessence of architectural techniques and decorative arts of the ancient Cham people, creating a majestic and mysterious look. The Po Sah Inu temple tower group is one of the relatively intact Cham tower clusters. Around the late 8th and early 9th centuries, the Cham people built this group of temples and towers with the purpose of worshiping the god Shiva - one of the Hindu gods who is worshiped and revered. In the 15th century, it was built. built a number of temples with simple architecture to worship Princess Po Sha Inu. Princess Po Sha Inu (daughter of King Para Chanh) is a person with talent and good manners, so she is loved by contemporary Cham people.
14:00: Continue sightseeing in the afternoon
Mui Ne Fishing Village: Mui Ne Fishing Village is a peaceful image of a pure Vietnamese fishing village. Mui Ne fishing port is located on Huynh Thuc Khang street, about 200m from Mui Ne bus station, opposite the fishing village there is "Lang Chai Quan" restaurant, about 23km north of Phan Thiet city center, 1km from Mui Ne market.
Mui Ne Fishing Village is one of the sightseeing and tourist destinations in Phan Thiet that you cannot miss, because this is the place for you to explore the lives of local coastal people and fishing villages in the morning like A market on the sea with ships coming in and out, people buying and selling fish gather to take fish to the market to sell. The buyers and sellers here are very friendly and the bustling trading scene takes place in a row. day.
Fishing Village is located along the coast about 1000m. The beach here is especially calm and windy all year round, making it an extremely good place for ships to take shelter, so this is also the place to bring back booty from the sea and This is also where the bustling business of fishermen takes place in the fishing village every morning. 
In addition, this is also a place with beautiful scenery when sunset, watching from afar the beach has rows of ships moored, a truly poetic landscape, this is also a place for photographers to explore. arrive.
Considered a miniature image of the gentle sea of ​​Binh Thuan, Mui Ne fishing village is not only peaceful and charming with its unique natural landscape, but also contains many bustling sounds of coastal life. If the morning is quiet with hundreds of sleeping boats and a magical blue sky, then when sunset falls, the sea shimmers bright silver and each boat is a rustic silence.
Coming to Mui Ne fishing village, in addition to experiencing the life and fishing profession of the fishermen here, you can also choose fresh seafood such as squid, fish, shrimp, crabs, crabs, and snails. bring home to prepare dishes or eat on the spot, there are people who cook at very reasonable prices compared to buying at the market, but you also get fresh seafood. In the morning, around 6am - 7am, the bustling buying and selling scene of the fishing village people takes place. Fishing Village in the morning is like a cheap seafood market, attracting many domestic and international tourists when traveling to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
Boats dock at Mui Ne - Phan Thiet beach after days of offshore fishing. Fish, squid and many other types of fresh seafood are brought to shore by basket boat. What's interesting is that seafood is not weighed but is often bought in bulk. Merchants purchase and transport seafood right at the shore.
Crabs and snails are piled up and sorted into baskets for sale. Fresh seafood is boiled right on the spot, has quite delicious color and taste. Every day, the market is always crowded from 6am to 10am
Mui Ne Red Sand Dunes, also known as Golden Sand Dunes:  Located near Hon Rom beach, Mui Ne, about 25km from Phan Thiet city. This is an attractive tourist destination in Mui Ne that tourists cannot miss when coming to Phan Thiet.
The name Golden Sand Dunes is named after its color, because the sand dunes possess a quite characteristic yellow color. The reason the sand is yellow is that it is said that this place is a long-standing iron mine that has created the iron color of the sand, so the sand is yellow, that's why people call it Golden Sand Dunes.
Flying Sand Dunes: Because the sand dunes do not just have a certain shape, they change shape over the hour, day or month, the change is due to the wind or sand blowing away each layer of sand on the surface in the direction of the wind. creates many different shapes, completely different from the original shape. That is the magic that makes people want to explore the beauty of the sand dunes every day without getting bored. That's why people here often call it Bay Sand Dunes.
Golden Sand Dunes have many colors such as: red, white, pink, gray white, red black... in which red sand and yellow sand make up the majority of this sand dune, other colors are just parts. little. Each color of sand is located in different areas and does not mix with each other, so it is easy to distinguish. The overall sand dune is actually not red due to the sand, but due to the sunlight reflecting at sunset, creating a red background covering the sand dune. It's very beautiful to take pictures here at sunset.
Because the sand here has many iron colors, an extremely unique form of art has been formed: Sand Painting. Sand Painting uses natural sand without color, sand is taken from many different sand areas but is taken from Golden Sand Dunes is the most popular because the sand here has many colors. This type of art is highly appreciated by foreigners.
Sand skiing: this is an entertainment at the sand dunes, sand skiing is very interesting and gives you a very good feeling. Sand skiing attracts a lot of tourists, especially young people. Sand skiing is very good, but it's only tiring when climbing to the top of the hill and your legs get tired, because you have to climb quite a distance up the sand hill, the higher the hill, the better you can slide. 
Experience when renting skateboards: There are many children here who rent skateboards. A sand slide costs about 20k per rental. You can return it as soon as you get bored with it.
Riding a motorbike on white sand: renting a 4-wheeled off-road motorbike here, running on the sand dunes to take pictures and admire the scenery is nothing like it. The feeling of riding a motorbike on the sand is very cool and interesting. But off-road motorbikes are only available for rent at the white sand dunes. This rental service is not available at the red sand dunes. It is not allowed because riding the motorbike will deform the sand dunes.
Taking photos: this is the ideal place for you to become a photographer, the convergence of Sun, Sand, Wind, and Sea is an endless talent of photographers.
Snacks at Golden Sand Dunes:   Here, only street vendors such as hot tofu 5k/cup, Phan Thiet specialty cakes, 1 sunny squid and dried varieties, etc. are sold at the foot of the hill. What's better than sliding down the sand to make a bowl of hot tofu with a coconut to quench your thirst?


Price list


Tour included (See more)

  • Transportation:
    + New passenger cars from 16 seats to 45 seats with air conditioning, TV, and turned on seats.
    + Round Trip Flight Ticket (including 07 kg of hand luggage, from 20 kg of checked baggage).
  • Accommodation: 5* hotel: Virgo... or similar. Standard 2, 3 guests/room. Facilities: TV, hot water, toilet
  • Meals:
    + Breakfast: At restaurants, hotels
    + Lunch, Dinner: meals at hygienic local restaurants
  • Tour guide: The group has a Vietnamese tour guide to explain and serve sightseeing throughout the route.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance according to regulations
  • Sightseeing: Tour price includes entrance fees at attractions according to the program.
  • Gifts: Dat Viet tourist hat, wet towels + bottled water.

Tour not included (See more)

  • TIP money for tour guide + local driver
  • Lunch day 02
  • If tourists need to collect VAT. Please add an additional 10% to the tour price.
  • Personal expenses outside the program: laundry, telephone, minibar...

Tour policy (See more)

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • People aged 14 and over must have: Original identity card or original passport or original, new, unexpired driver's license.
  • Children under 14 years old must have: original birth certificate or original passport.
  • Under 5 years old: Use shared services with adults. Expenses incurred on the tour are paid by the family. Two adults can only accompany 1 child. If there is a second child accompanying, please apply the same price as a child from 5 to 10 years old.
  • From 05 - under 10 years old: sleeping with family. Two adults can only accompany 01 child, from the second child the price applies as an adult.
  • From 10 years old and up: tour price as adults.

TOUR CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)                  

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation of tour after registration: 75% of package tour price
  • 20 days before departure: 90% of package tour price
  • 0 - 19 days before departure date: 100% of package tour price
  • Trip cancellation must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, email, text message and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.
  • Due to the nature of a group with individual guests, we will be responsible for accepting guests to register for a full group (10 adults or more) so the group will depart on schedule. If the number of groups is less than 10 guests, the company is responsible for notifying guests 3 days before the departure date and will negotiate a new departure date or refund the entire tour deposit.
  • In cases of force majeure such as: terrorism, riots, natural disasters, floods, epidemics... Depending on the actual situation and the convenience and safety of customers, the Travel company will proactively notify give customers the following changes: cancel or replace with a new program with the same cost as the previous tour program. In case a new program arises, the Customer will pay this arising amount. However, each party has the responsibility to try its best to help the injured party to minimize losses caused by force majeure.…
  • For changes in schedules and flight times due to errors of airlines, trains, and ships, we will not be responsible for any arising due to the above errors such as: meals, restaurants, hotels. , transportation, tour guide,...

Phan Thiet - Mui Ne tour (1 day)

Time: 1 Day
Departure day: 20/10/2023
Vehicle: Plane
Hotel: 3 Stars
Departure: Phan Thiet
Destination: Mui Ne
Price: 350.000 VND

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