Tour details

DAY 1 | HCMC – TUY HOA – Ganh Da Dia

Morning:   You must be present at the domestic terminal, Tan Son Nhat airport at least three hours before your flight.
A company representative will welcome and assist you with check-in procedures for your flight to Tuy Hoa.
Arriving at Tuy Hoa airport, the tour guide welcomed the group to visit Mang Lang church - one of the oldest churches in Vietnam with bold 19th century architectural imprints. This is also the place where the first national language book is kept - The Eight-Day Sermon by Priest Alexandre de Rhodes printed in 1651 in Rome, Italy.
Visit Ganh Da Dia, an amazing natural landscape in terms of landscape and unique geology in Vietnam (national landscape) with unique prismatic black rocks, looking from afar like a giant honeycomb lying peacefully on the beach.
The group comes to O Loan lagoon to admire the peaceful beauty with open space, fresh and cool climate and enjoy seafood dishes with rich flavors of the Central region. Only then can visitors fully feel the beauty of the region. The poetic land of Phu Yen.
Noon: Have lunch.
The group departs for Bai Xep (Ganh Xep), a golden sandy beach stretching between two large rocky headlands protruding into the sea. The beach is like a pristine paradise with a very beautiful landscape in the north of Tuy Hoa city, still remaining intact. Wild, pink sand beach, stretching more than 1km from Ganh Xep. Most impressive is the vast lawn on top of Ganh Xep that appeared poetically in the movie I see yellow flowers on the green grass, Ganh Xep with the combined beauty of sea, rocks, grasslands, casuarinas and clouds. is becoming an attractive destination for tourists when coming to Phu Yen.
Here, visitors can save memorable photos with black rocks, golden sand, vast lawns or swim and enjoy the beautiful, pristine beach.
Afternoon: Have dinner. Overnight in Tuy Hoa.
You are free to shop for Phu Yen specialties such as: dried ocean tuna, beef in one sun, two frosts, salted yellow ants with then lentil leaves...


Morning: Have breakfast.
The group departs for Quy Nhon, visiting Quang Trung Museum where important relics related to the Tay Son uprising movement are displayed, visiting the Temple of King Quang Trung and famous generals of the Tay Son period along with remaining relics. Remnants such as ancient tamarind trees, ancient wells, 9 gold-plated statues, ... the group has the opportunity to enjoy martial arts performances and Tay Son battle drums (except Tuesdays or days when the performing group goes on business trips; expenses self-sufficient).
Noon: Have lunch.
The group departs to visit Ham Ho tourist area, known as "miniature Ha Long Bay". Coming here, the group feels like they are returning to the majestic nature, immersing themselves in the world of paradise amidst the immense green forests below. foot of Truong Son range. The group participates in yachting activities on the Kut River to immerse themselves in wild nature, freely bathe in streams or participate in recreational activities such as kayaking, duck riding, relaxing fishing, ... (at own expense). tuc).
Afternoon: Have dinner, check in. Overnight in Quy Nhon.

DAY 3 | FLC Quy Nhon – ky co – windy waist

Morning: Have breakfast.
Visiting Thi Nai Bridge - the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam connecting Quy Nhon city with Nhon Hoi economic zone, the group had the opportunity to see Nhon Ly sand dunes - said to be the largest sand dunes in Vietnam, known as desert in the middle of the blue sea.
You choose 1 of the following 2 attractions in the FLC Quy Nhon system:
  • 1 - FLC Quy Nhon Beach & Golf Resort is a closed complex of high-class tourism including a 5-star hotel, a 36-hole golf course and a chain of beautiful high-end coastal villas (electric car tour is self-sufficient). )
  • 2 - FLC Zoo Safari is the first wildlife park in Quy Nhon in the South Central region. With a total area of ​​129 hectares, it is designed and built on a world-standard Safari scale, preserving nearly 900 animals, including diverse animals such as giraffes, African ostriches, black swans, and ducks. Tadorama gold, zebra, ... (at your own expense)
The group continued to depart for Ky Co, where nature favors a strip of golden sand embracing the sea, wrapped in an arc, as soft as a winding silk strip, embracing the clear blue water to the bottom. You can immerse yourself in the cool water, play with each wave or take a dip in the natural lakes right next to the beach created by seawater hitting the concave cliffs. Visitors will be completely overwhelmed by the wild, clear, and majestic beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.
Noon: Have lunch with typical seafood dishes.
The group continued to visit Eo Gio - a beautiful check-in point in Quy Nhon, known as the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Vietnam, majestic because of the high and strangely shaped mountains reaching out to the ocean, embracing the ocean. A full circle forms a wind inlet strait. Standing from above, looking down at Eo Gio is like a charming landscape painting that is both emotional and wild and captivating.
Visit Ngoc Hoa Vihara - admire the tallest double Buddha statue in Vietnam, 30 meters high, facing North and South directions with 2 colors of gold and silver.
Afternoon:  Have dinner. Overnight in Quy Nhon
You are free to rest at the hotel or take a walk around Quy Nhon city to enjoy specialty dishes: grilled spring rolls, egg rolls, soup cakes, shrimp pancakes, seafood,...

DAY 4 | Quy Nhon – Ho Chi Minh City

Morning: Have breakfast.
The group visits the Twin Towers - a cluster of two beautiful ancient towers with Angkor architecture, built in the 12th century.
You are free to shop for local specialties as gifts for your family.
Noon: Have lunch.
Depart to visit Thien Hung Pagoda: The beauty of the Vietnamese version of "Phoenix Ancient Town", is one of the places not to be missed when coming to Quy Nhon - Binh Dinh.
The tour guide saw the group off to Phu Cat airport to catch the flight to Ho Chi Minh City
End of the tour, say goodbye and see you again.


Price list


Tour included (See more)

  • Transportation:
    + New passenger cars from 16 seats to 45 seats with air conditioning, TV, and turned on seats.
    + Round Trip Flight Ticket (including 07 kg of hand luggage, from 20 kg of checked baggage).
  • Accommodation: 5* hotel: Virgo... or similar. Standard 2, 3 guests/room. Facilities: TV, hot water, toilet
  • Meals:
    + Breakfast: At restaurants, hotels
    + Lunch, Dinner: meals at hygienic local restaurants
  • Tour guide: The group has a Vietnamese tour guide to explain and serve sightseeing throughout the route.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance according to regulations
  • Sightseeing: Tour price includes entrance fees at attractions according to the program.
  • Gifts: Dat Viet tourist hat, wet towels + bottled water.

Tour not included (See more)

  • TIP money for tour guide + local driver
  • Lunch day 02
  • If tourists need to collect VAT. Please add an additional 10% to the tour price.
  • Personal expenses outside the program: laundry, telephone, minibar...

Tour policy (See more)

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • People aged 14 and over must have: Original identity card or original passport or original, new, unexpired driver's license.
  • Children under 14 years old must have: original birth certificate or original passport.
  • Under 5 years old: Use shared services with adults. Expenses incurred on the tour are paid by the family. Two adults can only accompany 1 child. If there is a second child accompanying, please apply the same price as a child from 5 to 10 years old.
  • From 05 - under 10 years old: sleeping with family. Two adults can only accompany 01 child, from the second child the price applies as an adult.
  • From 10 years old and up: tour price as adults.

TOUR CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)                  

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation of tour after registration: 75% of package tour price
  • 20 days before departure: 90% of package tour price
  • 0 - 19 days before departure date: 100% of package tour price
  • Trip cancellation must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, email, text message and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.
  • Due to the nature of a group with individual guests, we will be responsible for accepting guests to register for a full group (10 adults or more) so the group will depart on schedule. If the number of groups is less than 10 guests, the company is responsible for notifying guests 3 days before the departure date and will negotiate a new departure date or refund the entire tour deposit.
  • In cases of force majeure such as: terrorism, riots, natural disasters, floods, epidemics... Depending on the actual situation and the convenience and safety of customers, the Travel company will proactively notify give customers the following changes: cancel or replace with a new program with the same cost as the previous tour program. In case a new program arises, the Customer will pay this arising amount. However, each party has the responsibility to try its best to help the injured party to minimize losses caused by force majeure.…
  • For changes in schedules and flight times due to errors of airlines, trains, and ships, we will not be responsible for any arising due to the above errors such as: meals, restaurants, hotels. , transportation, tour guide,...

Quy Nhon - Phu Yen tour

Time: 4 Days 3 Nights
Departure day: 20/10/2023
Vehicle: Plane
Hotel: 3 Stars
Departure: HCM City
Destination: Quy Nhon
Price: 6.799.000 VND

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