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08:00: Car picks you up at the Resort/Hotel. Depart to visit Mui Ne
The car takes the group along route 706B, we admire the sea view, the Sealinks wine castle area, the luxury villa area built by Rang Dong Group, visit the Sealinks Wine Castle area, see the vineyards and take souvenir photos with the tour guide. Take us on a tour of the wine cellar and give a presentation about the wine production and preservation process and enjoy a glass of wine.
Art exhibition space "Old fishing village". The entire exhibition area has an area of ​​1,600m² - an art display space and a miniature museum, recreating a part of the old fishing village of Phan Thiet - Mui Ne more than 300 years ago. Guests coming here will be able to visit the fishing village under the coconut groves, the old town along the Ca Ty river, houses and fish sauce production places of Phan Thiet households on the old Phan Thiet - Mui Ne road; Immerse yourself in the 3D Mui Ne beach and shop in the old village market space... witness with your own eyes an ancient fishing village of Phan Thiet coastal country meticulously recreated.
11:30: You have lunch (at your own expense). Then return to the hotel to rest.
14:00: Car takes you to visit:
Suoi Tien:  Walk on the cool water, along both sides are two rows of white sand forming extrusions, yellow sand and red sand forming lava sparkling with golden light under the sunlight.
Conquer: white sand dunes at Bau Sen Tourist Area - A cool oasis among the hot sand dunes with bottomless depth. Bau Sen is not only a place that provides fresh water, but also a beautiful landscape with many lotuses blooming and shining here, adding to the beauty of the white sand dunes, or participating in off-road motorbikes/off-road Jeeps. Experience the unique and wonderful feeling on the sand dunes (at your own expense)
Continuing the program, you will visit Bay Sand Dunes because its shape changes continuously every day and every hour. That is the magic that makes people want to explore the unique beauty of the sand dunes every day without ever getting bored. You can take beautiful pictures of the sunset. This is an attractive tourist destination not to be missed if you visit Mui Ne.
18:00: Car and tour guide take you back to the Resort/Hotel. End program. Farewell and see you again in the following programs.


Price list


Tour included (See more)

  • Transportation:
    + New passenger cars from 16 seats to 45 seats with air conditioning, TV, and turned on seats.
    + Round Trip Flight Ticket (including 07 kg of hand luggage, from 20 kg of checked baggage).
  • Accommodation: 5* hotel: Virgo... or similar. Standard 2, 3 guests/room. Facilities: TV, hot water, toilet
  • Meals:
    + Breakfast: At restaurants, hotels
    + Lunch, Dinner: meals at hygienic local restaurants
  • Tour guide: The group has a Vietnamese tour guide to explain and serve sightseeing throughout the route.
  • Insurance: Travel insurance according to regulations
  • Sightseeing: Tour price includes entrance fees at attractions according to the program.
  • Gifts: Dat Viet tourist hat, wet towels + bottled water.

Tour not included (See more)

  • TIP money for tour guide + local driver
  • Lunch day 02
  • If tourists need to collect VAT. Please add an additional 10% to the tour price.
  • Personal expenses outside the program: laundry, telephone, minibar...

Tour policy (See more)

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • People aged 14 and over must have: Original identity card or original passport or original, new, unexpired driver's license.
  • Children under 14 years old must have: original birth certificate or original passport.
  • Under 5 years old: Use shared services with adults. Expenses incurred on the tour are paid by the family. Two adults can only accompany 1 child. If there is a second child accompanying, please apply the same price as a child from 5 to 10 years old.
  • From 05 - under 10 years old: sleeping with family. Two adults can only accompany 01 child, from the second child the price applies as an adult.
  • From 10 years old and up: tour price as adults.

TOUR CANCELLATION CONDITIONS: (Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)                  

If you cancel the tour, you pay the following tour cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation of tour after registration: 75% of package tour price
  • 20 days before departure: 90% of package tour price
  • 0 - 19 days before departure date: 100% of package tour price
  • Trip cancellation must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, email, text message and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.
  • Due to the nature of a group with individual guests, we will be responsible for accepting guests to register for a full group (10 adults or more) so the group will depart on schedule. If the number of groups is less than 10 guests, the company is responsible for notifying guests 3 days before the departure date and will negotiate a new departure date or refund the entire tour deposit.
  • In cases of force majeure such as: terrorism, riots, natural disasters, floods, epidemics... Depending on the actual situation and the convenience and safety of customers, the Travel company will proactively notify give customers the following changes: cancel or replace with a new program with the same cost as the previous tour program. In case a new program arises, the Customer will pay this arising amount. However, each party has the responsibility to try its best to help the injured party to minimize losses caused by force majeure.…
  • For changes in schedules and flight times due to errors of airlines, trains, and ships, we will not be responsible for any arising due to the above errors such as: meals, restaurants, hotels. , transportation, tour guide,...

Tour (Join): Mui Ne - Bau Cat tour

Time: 1 Day
Departure day: 20/10/2023
Vehicle: Plane
Hotel: 3 Stars
Departure: Phan Thiet
Destination: Mui Ne
Price: 450.000 VND

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